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More Notes from Door County

May 26, 2011

Tags: Door County, Wisconsin, Cherry Orchard, Lake Michigan, Green Bay, Leutenbach's, Fish Creek, Jacksonport, Edgewood Orchard Galleries, Egg Harbor, Shipwreched, Inn at Cedar Crossing, Sturgeon Bay, Maritime Museum, Grandma Tommy's, cherry pie, Bailey's Harbor, Florian II

Bees are a buzzin and trees are a bloomin!

On Tuesday, Katie and I drove across the Door County Peninsula—-15 miles on County F from the shores of Lake Michigan to the shores of Green Bay—-to Leutenbach’s Orchards in Fish Creek (www.orchardcountry.com). We took a tour of this 100 acre orchard—-80 acres of cherries (8K trees), 20 acres of apples, and the first grapes ever brought to Door County. Great research for my book. Of course we couldn’t pass up the wine tasting… or the cherry Chardonnay. (more…)

Notes from Door County, Wisconsin

May 23, 2011

Tags: Novel, Door County, Wisconsin, 1944, WWII, World War II, German POWs, cherry orchard, Lake Michigan, Jacksonport, Baileys Harbor, Sturgeon Bay

Visiting Door County to research for my next novel. My daughter and I are staying in Jacksonport on the shore of Lake Michigan. The lake was wild last night and today, waves pounding on the shore. Thunder rumbled, lightning flashed, rain came in hard bursts, then sunshine so bright it ached with color.

Today, after the storm, the lake calmed. We took a walk along the shore at sunset. White gulls of some sort wheeled across the sky and floated on the calm water.

My novel takes place right here during the summer of 1944. It opens in May, when cherry orchards are in bloom. The cherries aren’t yet in bloom this year because of the cold weather. Drat! But I do have lots to learn about the lake and the weather and the people and the place and the history, and I’ve lined up interviews and visits to do just that. (more…)