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You Can't Go Home Again?

August 7, 2014

Tags: Thomas Wolfe, Madison, Wisconsin, William Morrow, HarperCollins, POW, UW

Thomas Wolfe told us we couldn't go home again. But here I am. Back in Madison, Wisconsin. I havenít given up my home in California, mind you, but Iím here for now.

Madison draws me in immediately.
It's still that vibrant, progressive, university town I remember. Built along a chain of five lakes, Wisconsinís state capital has a small-town feel with an intellectual pull that buzzes with energy and ideas.

Whatís not here yet is my stuff (!) Ė clothes, office equipment, critical files Ė apparently itís all stashed amid other people's stuff in an 18-weeler somewhere out there. A ďlogisticsĒ error, they tell me.

Actually, itís amazing how little you need to get by with, day-to-day. I have my laptop and walking shoes.

Of course I may be singing a different tune come November without a winter coat and snow boots. But Iím ever the optimist. The truck will arrive this weekend, thatís what they tell me. And again, Iím choosing to believe them. I hope this time theyíre right!

Stay tuned!

Watch for my upcoming novel - THE CHERRY HARVEST - William Morrow / HarperCollins Publishers, May 2015.
When a desperate Wisconsin farm wife invites German POWs to work the family orchard, she brings the war home.