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Random Musings

Squirrels on the Bird Feeder!

Here he is laughing through my window. He sees me intent on my next novel and thinks he can get away with anything.

In a snow-covered world outside my studio window, cardinals, woodpeckers, chickadees, and finches were enjoying my bird feeder... until the squirrels decided to crash the party. Not so fast! I put up a squirrel baffle, which baffled them for a while, until this daring fellow nearly flew from a shaky pine branch a foot away to the feeder. After finishing off a dish of black oil sunflower seeds, he latched onto to the suet cage.


OK, so you won this round, Mr. Squirrel, but once the ground thaws, I'm moving the feeder to where you'll never reach it. And by then... I may have a new novel to throw your way.

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