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Random Musings

Premiere Literary Event of the Bay Area

I need wine - cases and cases of premium wine. No, not for me, for the National Kidney Foundation’s Authors Luncheon, to be held on Saturday, October 22nd, at the San Francisco Marriott Marquis. Founded 23 years ago by Ann Getty and Amy Tan, this is the premiere annual literary event of the Bay Area, and the largest fund-raiser for NKF of Northern California and Nevada.

This year we’re featuring award-winning authors Russell Banks, Melissa Clark, Kathryn Otoshi, Calvin Trillin, Jacqueline Winspear, and a surprise author to be announced. You can check it out at 23rd Annual San Francisco Authors Luncheon.

For the past nine years, I have served on the Strategic Planning Committee for this event, seeking up to 70 cases of wine per event, and managing volunteers. It’s a fabulous event for a fabulous cause. Five years ago my daughter was the recipient of her father’s kidney — both are doing beautifully — so I know that side of it firsthand. And being an author, well, this has gotta be my event.

If you would like to sit at one of my personal tables or volunteer to help on the day of the event, please send me a note before purchasing your ticket.

And if you have connections with California vintners… I need to hear from you!

To your health!
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