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Random Musings

The Sound of a Story

My editor at William Morrow sent me three voice samples from which to choose for the audio version of my debut novel, THE CHERRY HARVEST. Suzanne was far and away the best choice. Her voice has a rich timbre with the hint of dark drama that this book needs.

Because I've been disappointed with audio books where the focus has been on the dramatic read rather than on the story, I told Suzanne that I wanted a straight reading without any drama around character voices. But she turned me around right away!

She read me a list of words she wanted to know how to pronounce – Indian names of Wisconsin towns, and a few character names as well. Then she brought up my concern about character voices. Shouldn’t Karl – the German POW educated at Oxford – have an accent? She read an example of her version of Karl, and boy did she nail it! Then she read her interpretation of the voices of the three major women characters; in each she conveyed a tiny difference in energy and octave. Yes! I was blown away!

I can’t wait to HEAR my book!
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