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Random Musings

You Know You're a Writer When...

You know you’re a writer when…
• You realize it’s dawn and you haven’t gone to bed.
• You feel the earthquake and you take your laptop under your desk so you can keep working.
• In the midst of great sex, you call out the name of your protagonist.
• You wake at 2 in the morning with a new idea and you’re off and writing.
• You go to your favorite restaurant with your novel and a luscious man you’ve never met asks if you would like to join him for breakfast and you decline because you need to work. Read More 
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Lessons Learned from Writing Workshop

Just returned from an inspiring weekend at the sixth annual Gold Rush Writers Conference: www.goldrushwriters.com.

As co-founder and faculty member, I am continually impressed with the quality of participants. We limit participants to 50 creative writers so we can offer an intimate, workshop environment focused on the craft of writing.  Read More 
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