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Random Musings

Writing In-Between

A red-shouldered hawk swooped toward my window. I was about to duck when he flashed up, showing me the underside of his strong red breast and wide wingspan. Elegant precision.

Living up in the hills, I feel a special connection with birds. Fat chickadees in the treetops outside my window flit and squeak. House finches, goldfinches, sparrows, and wrens carry seeds and songs on the wind. Green- and red-throated hummingbirds hover and whir like tiny helicopters.  Read More 
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Finishing That Novel

After living with my JAZZ DANCING characters for two years, it was hard to let go. I could fiddle forever, changing words, sentences, rearranging paragraphs. Writing is subjective; there is no such thing as perfect. You can always make it better… or worse!

I’m in a fabulous writing group of four novelists, but because each of us shares only one of our chapters every two weeks, we don’t always have a true sense of the whole. We look to  Read More 
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Learning Jazz

As in music, writing draws upon rhythm and pacing to set mood and tone and define the “players.” While most obvious in poetry, the "sound" of the written word, no matter the form, can impact the reading experience.

In my novel Jazz Dancing I seek to capture the feel of jazz through my choice of words and phrasing. I also strive to fill this work with the sound of jazz itself.

Because my novel unfolds against the rich tapestries of present-day San Francisco and 1920s Paris, when I learned that Stanford University was offering a class called, “Paris Jazz, 1917 to the Present” I jumped on it.  Read More 
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Lessons Learned from Writing Workshop

Just returned from an inspiring weekend at the sixth annual Gold Rush Writers Conference: www.goldrushwriters.com.

As co-founder and faculty member, I am continually impressed with the quality of participants. We limit participants to 50 creative writers so we can offer an intimate, workshop environment focused on the craft of writing.  Read More 
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